Zoo Animals Quarantined at MHCC!

While the people are away, the animals will play! The MJN Convention Center and McCann Ice Arena are being used as an emergency shelter amid the Coronavirus Pandemic this week.

Local zoos have temporarily re-homed numerous quarantined animals today due to Covid-19 and social distancing measures. Zookeepers say that the animals needed to practice better social distancing when they were caught hanging out too closely with the other animals in their enclosure last week. According to the zoo, the penguins who were asked to stay at least 6′ apart were seen on more than one occasion sunbathing at the beach together. The penguins in question were quarantined to McCann ice arena where they enjoyed playing on the ice and rummaging in the concessions closet with the panda bear!

Eagle at the convention center

It seems the panda enjoyed her snack from the concessions closet today. We sure are missing our staff and their smiling faces behind that counter!

It doesn’t appear that any of the animals are making much of a mess, though facilities crew had to run for cover a couple of times today when an eagle was seen stretching his wings and flying high above the bleachers!

We cannot confirm, but heard that the king of the jungle himself brought over quite the rider from his agent! He spent most of the day demanding his keeper bring a barber in to trim his mane. After throwing the lion of all tantrums when he arrived we realized that the poor guy really is just missing his weekly grooming sessions. After we calmly explained that his barber was also practicing safe social distancing right now he enjoyed roaming around MJN Convention Center on his own.

Meanwhile, in the ice arena the bears were seen having a great time playing on the ice.
It seems the only one not too happy about the new social distancing was the tiger we ran into in the locker room!

We are looking for volunteers to help with the animals. If you are interested, please apply below.

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Now accepting Zookeeper applications, please e-mail aprilfools@midhudsonciviccenter.org if you are interested.

We hope you had a giggle!